Cycle Dog

Started in Portland, Oregon, as a Way to Reclaim Bike Tubes

Cycle Dog began when Lanette Fidrych started collecting inner tubes from bike shops and created a dog collar with an inner-tube backing. She slowly expanded her line of products to include leads and poop-bag dispensers that all used inner tubes as part of their materials list. Cycle Dog staff still visit bike shops in the Portland area to collect inner tubes, and all hand-sewn products are still made in Portland.

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A gallery of cycle dog products

Builds Unusual Toys to Entice Dogs to Play and Explore

Smart dogs often become bored with balls and other toys that they can quickly master. Cycle Dog works to create toys that aren’t predictable. They create balls that bounce erratically, float and squeak. Other toys are built to hold treats or chews to make them even more interesting to curious dogs.

Creates All Products with an Eye Towards the Environmental Impact

Cycle Dog started by creating products for dogs with used inner tubes, but the company evolved to make toys that use all types of post-consumer materials. Their Ecolast rubber toys and Duraplush toys both reuse materials to make something new for dogs. Even their dog beds contain stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles, which keeps the bed fluffy and comfortable. Cycle Dog products are also built to last for several years, which further reduces waste. All Cycle Dog products are backed by their “We Care Guarantee”.

A photo of a collection of Cycle dog plush and rubber toy, and collars for dogs