Cat Toys

Cat Toys



Felines who spend their days bird watching often want feathered toys of their own. These cats are happy to jump and flip while attempting to grab feathers off the ends of wand toys.


Cats interested in bugs may already stalk any unlucky arthropods that enter their homes. Many insect-obsessed felines collect bobby pins, buttons and hair ties and show interest in toys like laser pointers.


Mousers carry, grab and toss small toys. These cats are drawn to small, furry toys that may rattle when moved. Small toys made with wool or fur, or those stuffed with catnip or other herbs, also appeal.


Cats who collect string, floss and pencils often enjoy snake toys that can replicate a serpentine movement along the ground. They engage best with sturdy wand toys that are dragged across the floor.


Natural squirrel hunters prefer larger toys that they can grab with their front paws and kick with their back legs. These cats may tussle with their toys on the ground, rather than stalking or chasing them.

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