Dog Toys

Dog Toys



Snugglers have gentle mouths and rarely dismantle toys. They often love plush toys, which may last months under their gentle care.


If their favorite activity is tug-of-war, your dog may love tugger toys. Dogs who like these types of toys may also roughly shake them side to side when playing alone.


These doggie Einsteins always surprise you with their ability to reason and overcome obstacles. Focused dogs who are easy to train may like the puzzle toys found in this group.


This dog loves to retrieve anything that you’re willing to throw as many times as you’re willing to throw it. Find a toy that’s the right size and feels good in their mouth, and they’ll play fetch all day.


For destroyers, the fun doesn’t stop until the new toy lays in pieces on the floor. If you measure a toy’s durability in hours rather than weeks, your dog is probably a destroyer.

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190 search result (s)

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