How to Choose Supplies for Your Cat

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Cat supplies can help make your home a haven for your cat. While your cat may be adept at finding a sunny window sill, they’ll probably be happier with a dedicated cat perch. Bowls, beds and other supplies your cat loves can also be a good way to make their day more enjoyable.

The right supplies can also help you overcome common cat challenges, such as hairballs, dental disease, or fleas.

Beds: Cat beds are available in cave-like and cup-like varieties. Cats who prefer to sleep in the open often prefer cup-shaped beds, while shy cats may prefer hiding in a covered bed. Heated beds can provide warmth during cloudy days or help older cats stay limber.

Bowls and Fountains: Shallow bowls allow your cat to access their meals without the vessel touching their whiskers. Non-porous bowls, such as those made of steel or ceramic, don’t absorb oils from foods, which make them easier to clean. Cat fountains are also a great tool to encourage cats who eat kibble or avoid water to drink more.

Carriers: Cardboard carriers work for the cat that rarely travels, but soft-sided or hard-sided carriers are worth the investment if your cat regularly rides in the car or goes to the veterinarian. Many owners find that top-loading carriers are more comfortable for their cats, and your cat may also have preferences between soft or hard sides.

Cat Trees and Other Furniture: Cat trees should be made with non-toxic materials that appeal to your cat. You may find that your cat prefers a specific tree height for lounging or scratching. When choosing a scratching post or window perch, stability is a key requirement if you want your cat to enjoy it.

Cleanup: Enzymatic cleaners can help keep litter boxes fresh, while poop bags are useful for disposing of waste. Many cat owners also like to use pee pads around the litter box for cats that occasionally shun the box.

Collars & Leashes: Breakaway collars ensure that your cat will stay safe even if their collar becomes caught during their daily acrobatics. Leashes and harnesses may not be appropriate for every cat, but some indoor cats really enjoy the opportunity to explore the outdoors with you.

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Dental: Finding a brush that your cat tolerates and can fit in their mouth is of primary importance when choosing dental products. When choosing a toothpaste, matching the flavor to your cat’s favorite protein can help your cat acclimate to the taste.

Grooming: Your cat may groom themself, but all cats can benefit from a little bit of grooming help. Brushes should be matched to coat type to prevent pulling, and your cat may tolerate one type of brush over another.

Natural Flea and Tick: Cats have significant sensitivities to many chemicals, so many owners choose natural flea and tick products to reduce the need for other types of treatments. Many indoor cats can go without topical flea treatments if their habitat is regularly treated to eliminate fleas.

How We Choose Cat Supplies

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Mud Bay looks for a variety of supplies that offer solutions to common challenges or to delight your cats. Cats have definite opinions about what makes them most comfortable to use, so we try to find a wide selection of items that appeal to different types of felines. For every cat that prefers a rimmed bowl, there’s a cat that prefers a nearly flat plate for meals. That’s why we encourage you to try supplies with your cat, and then return what your cat doesn’t love.

Cats are also biologically sensitive to certain chemicals and smells, so we also work to find the safest possible solutions for your cat’s needs. Every ingredient must meet certain efficacy and health standards, while plastics must be BPA-free and all supplies must be lead-free. We also look for local products when we can, so people can support companies based in the Pacific Northwest. Mud Bay also constantly evaluates supplies at a variety of different price points, so you can find a supply-based solution that’s a good value.