A Visual Guide to Adding Variety to Your Dog or Cat’s Diet

Different Ways to Approach Mealtimes with Your Pet

Healthy Cats |  January 8, 2020

Different Feeding Approaches for Cats

Ready to add more variety to your cat’s diet? Depending on your cat’s preferences and your household’s needs, there are several approaches to consider. First, think about how many meals you can feed your cat. Cats thrive on many small meals, so if you have the ability to feed them throughout the day, you might want to consider four or five small meals. Second, consider how much variety your cat will accept. Older cats may have preferences that are difficult to change, while kittens will usually accept many varieties of foods. Finally, see how you can add more moisture to your cat’s diet. Cats don’t have the thirst drive of other animals which can lead to chronic dehydration and kidney problems. Feeding moisture-rich foods and supplements can help your cat stay healthy throughout their life.

To see how adding more variety might work for your cat, take a look at these three examples of cat feeding plans.

Different Feeding Approaches for Dogs

Dogs often happily accept more variety in their diet, but they can experience stomach upset if they’ve eaten one single food for months or years. Adding a digestive supplement as you slowly add variety to your dog’s diet can significantly reduce or eliminate the chance of digestive issues in most dogs. For larger dogs, budget is also a significant concern when adding variety. At the very least, you should consider rotating among different proteins or brands every time you purchase a new bag of kibble. Better still is using a high-quality kibble as a base and supplementing with another food type. If you’re supplementing with a balanced food form made for dogs, such as wet or raw food, consider a 25% minimally processed food form and 75% kibble split. If you want to supplement with whole foods, such as eggs, sardines and meat, make sure that they are less than 10% of the overall diet. Also, rotate through different foods depending on the day or week for the best nutritional results.

Below are three different meal plans made for three very different dogs that all incorporate variety.

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