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Supplements to Help Your Pet Thrive

Puppy or kitten, adult or senior, if you’re looking to optimize your pet’s health, supplements can be the answer. Whether it’s your cat’s teeth or digestion, your dog’s coat or mobility or just a calmative for a stressful situation, we have solutions that can help your pet enjoy their best life.

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Fish oils and other sources of Omegas can help skin, heart, coat, brain and joint health for pets of all ages, regardless of diet.

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Digestive Support

Get the most from their meals. by adding prebiotics, probiotics, or other digestive enzymes that aid in absorbing nutrients.

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Whole Food Supplements

Fresh, whole food sources can help supplement a pet’s diet by adding easily-absorbed vitamins and minerals to the menu.

Featured Brands & Why We Love Them

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Founded by a biochemist, InClover supplements are formulated with a whole-body approach that considers the complete health of the animal.

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Made with Mud Bay

Made with Mud Bay focuses on high-quality, unique products that meet our solutions-based approach to pet health and nutrition—all at a great value.

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Lifeline Kelp

Life Line’s organic ocean kelp is a rich whole food source full of natural vitamins and minerals that can help with healthy teeth and gums, skin and coat health, and more.

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