Mud Bay Customers Make Season Bright for Pets with Giving Trees

Shelter Partners |  November 23, 2018

Every year, hundreds of Mud Bay customers donate needed food, supplies and other essentials to local animal shelters through our Giving Trees. We’re so grateful that every year many of our customers give a little extra love to homeless pets and the organizations that care for them.

Mud Bay stores build relationships with local shelters all year long. And in November, they choose one to three charities to feature with their in-store Giving Tree. Customers choose what they’d like to give to the featured shelters. The Muddies in each store collect the gifts, and then the shelters pick up the gifts that help them do their valuable work all season long.

Mud Bay gives $15,000 to local shelters, and some of our manufacturers pledge cash, food or products to local animal charities for every product they sell. This year, Taiga, World’s Best, Open Farm, Nature’s Variety, No-Hide, FirstMate, Acana and Orijen will all be donating to support many of our local shelters.

While the beneficiaries of Giving Trees vary depending on the store, we asked four different Muddies to explain why they chose their specific Giving Tree animal shelters. Here’s what they said:

Three Rivers Humane Society in Madras, Oregon

Until this year, Three Rivers Humane Society in Madras, Oregon, didn’t have an indoor facility. They had outdoor kennels, and when winter hit they had to look for people to foster their dogs. Three Rivers is run by the Drylens—a husband and wife team—and they finally fundraised enough money to open an indoor facility in May. Every year, they adopt out about 1,200 dogs, and they’ve also started accepting cats now they have an indoor facility.

They’re different from other shelters because they believe that all dogs should be in playgroups for social, emotional and mental stimulation. Even dogs that aren’t dog friendly participate in smaller three-dog playgroups, so they have a better chance of being adopted because they’re continuously socialized. They offer lifetime support for any animals that are adopted out of their shelter. The trainer that works with Three Rivers Humane Society is an amazing, giving person who works with lots of charities in the area.

Three Rivers also does a lot of work to provide support and education for underserved communities, as well as low-cost spay and neuter programs. Because of their location, they don’t get the support that other shelters in Redmond or Bend get. It’s tough for them to get qualified staff and enough volunteers to help, so we’re so happy to choose them for our Giving Tree this year.

– Colorado Crossing Store Manager Dawn Blomquist

Kitsap Humane in Silverdale, Washington

Kitsap Humane does in-store adoption events at least twice a year at the Gig Harbor Mud Bay. Whenever they do an adoption event, they adopt at least three-quarters of the animals that come with them. It’s clear that the community here recognizes the good work that Kitsap Humane does because lots of people attend their in-store events. Kitsap Humane takes in over 7,000 animals per year, including dogs, cats and small animals. So, they can always use basic items to help the pets that stay with them.

We’re also partnering with CHEW Dog Rescue this year. They conduct events about three times a month in Mud Bay. CHEW doesn’t have an actual office, so whenever they adopt a dog, they meet the new owners in the store and fill out any paperwork. CHEW often has smaller dogs, but they’re not a breed-specific rescue. They do great work by fostering these dogs in homes, so a dog doesn’t have to wait in a shelter before he’s adopted.

We love both of these animal rescues so much, and we’re happy to partner with CHEW Dog Rescue and Kitsap Humane to make the holidays a little brighter for Gig Harbor pets.

-Gig Harbor Store Manager Bo Le

Burien Cares in Burien, Washington and AARF in Seahurst, Washington

Our Giving Trees feature the wish lists from Burien Cares and AARF this year. Burien Cares is actually located only a few blocks away from the store. Not only do they help homeless animals, but they also work to reunite lost animals with their owners. So many of the people who are involved with Burien Cares come and talk to us about the different animals there. Then, after the animals are adopted, we often see them back in the stores with their adopted animals.

Burien Cares provides so many pet-related services that are necessary for the community. That’s why it’s so great to work with them over the holiday season when they’re even more in need. People often realize that they can’t care for their animals, especially during busy times of the year. Animals also get lost or put up for adoption more often during the holidays. We talk regularly with the volunteers from Burien Cares who pick up donations from the store, and it feels like Burien Cares has such an impact on our community and this makes our Muddies proud to be of support to them and ALL they do!

AARF is a great organization that often works to bring animals from overcrowded shelters in other areas of the United States to Washington. We’ve worked with AARF for a number of years, and many of the people who work here are regular customer’s that shop with us for their own furry friends. This brings wonderful stories to the team on their visits, which we always look forward to! AARF also has an angel fund for pets who need medical care, but their owners can’t afford the cost. For all these reasons, we’re happy to create Giving Trees for AARF and Burien Cares.

-Burien Store Manager Malina Bal

Rabbit Advocates, NW Animal Companions & Cat’s Cradle Rescue

We have three giving trees because we’re one of the few stores that has one devoted to small animals. Rabbit Advocates has built a great relationship with us, and they come to the store with their adoptable bunnies every other month. Lots of people who shop with us have small animals, so Rabbit Advocates’ events are well attended.

For dog lovers, NW Animal Companions is always such a positive presence when they do events at our stores. Their volunteers are amazing and outgoing, and they’re full of great information for anyone who comes to our store. Like many rescues in the area, they also have a dedicated group of foster homes, so they’re always in need of beds, food and other items for dogs.

Cat’s Cradle Rescue had so many kittens this year, so they also have a tree in our store. Kitten season really hit our area hard this year, and the people at Cat’s Cradle were so grateful for any donations they received. They’re so dedicated to helping cats, and they could really use the extra help this holiday season because their resources have really been stressed this year.

All these organizations work so hard to help animals in need all year round. That’s why we’ve picked them for our Giving Trees this holiday season.

-Tanasbourne Store Lead Stefanie Volkman

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