Could Salmon Oil Improve Your Dog or Cat’s Health?

Discussing the Benefits of Salmon Oil for Cats and Dogs

Supplements |  February 26, 2018

Mud Bay Salmon Oil

Made from wild Alaskan salmon harvested from a Marine Stewardship Council certified fishery by Alaska Naturals in Bellingham, Washington.

You can buy a 15.5-ounce bottle of salmon oil or a 32-ounce bottle of salmon oil for dogs or cats at our online store.

One supplement Muddies often recommend is salmon oil. This type of fish oil is packed with healthy omega 3s that have proven benefits to the brain, skin and overall well-being. While owners have given their dogs and cats human fish oil capsules for years, now there are a wide variety of salmon oils specifically for the canines and felines of the household.

To find out more about the benefits of fish oil, we sat down with category manager Cherish Morrison. As a Muddy with nearly twelve years of experience overseeing different Mud Bay merchandise categories, Cherish knows a lot about the supplements that help dogs and cats stay healthy.

MB: What are the primary benefits of including salmon oil into your cat or dog’s diet?

CM: Salmon oil contains a high level of Omega 3s. These are longer chain fatty acids that can help with skin and coat health, swelling reduction and overall inflammation. Both people and pets tend to eat foods that have a lot of omega 6s. So, adding omega 3s can help bring a pet’s diet into balance.

Reducing swelling and inflammation helps with arthritis and hip and joint mobility. For older dogs and cats, salmon oil is a really good diet addition to keep them more active. Salmon oil also contributes to a healthier weight by supporting better mobility. Giving older pets salmon oil can also help in keeping their cognitive function high.

Adding a fish oil supplement can also help create a healthier skin and coat. Potentially, it’s also another prevention tool for fleas. Salmon or another fish oil won’t help you get rid of an outbreak, but healthy skin can help prevent that initial infection. There’s also anecdotal evidence that some fish oils can help reduce shedding in dogs and cats.

And if you have a puppy or kitten, it’s a really good time to give them salmon oil. Studies show that salmon oil can help with brain and eye health for puppies and kittens. Kittens and puppies who get that higher level of Omega 3s: They develop faster, they have better memory retention, and they can react faster.


MB: So, if you decide to incorporate fish oil into your dog or cat’s diet—how do you go about doing that?

CM: Most dogs and cats won’t have any problems adding it immediately to their diet. If there is going to be an issue, it’s more likely to be with a cat. But often, if a cat is already familiar with fish-based formulas, then you can introduce it easily. Even if it’s a fish species that they haven’t had, they’ll normally accept it. Just start by introducing the salmon oil as a single drop or two with every meal. Then you can slowly increase it over time.

If the cat is not a fish eater, it may be more challenging to introduce fish oil. Try the one-drop-per-meal approach. But one other trick is to put the oil on the paws, so he can lick it off. And most cats won’t avoid it because cats like to clean and groom. So, lots of cats will consume salmon oil that way.

Sometimes oil that has rosemary extract can be less likely to be received well by a cat—most cats don’t like rosemary. So just looking for a salmon oil supplement that doesn’t have rosemary can also be useful.

With dogs, they’re way less likely to reject any fish oil. But if they do, try squirting on a favorite treat. That way, they’re not focused on the oil, they’re focused on the treat.***

Cat gazing at a panting black and white dog

Cherish Morrison is Mud Bay’s first private label category manager. She spends her days thinking of new products to delight our customers and then works to make those dreams into a reality. She launched Mud Bay’s salmon oil in December 2017.

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