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Keeping Your Pets Cool for Summer

Don't Sweat the Heat! Plan Ahead and Try Some Cool Gear Instead

Healthy Dogs |  May 28, 2021

Stop Heat Stroke In Its Tracks

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Did you know that it only takes 20 minutes for your car to heat up to over 100 degrees when it’s hot outside? Don’t leave your pet in the hot car, bring them into any Mud Bay location where they’ll be showered with love from our staff! 


Less rain and more sunshine means summer is quickly approaching in the Pacific Northwest. It has been a long, cold, winter and there’s no question that everyone is ready for warmer temperatures — but are your pets ready? With a variety of solutions at your local Mud Bay, it’s easier than ever to get your dog and cat ready for the sun’s hot rays of the season. From treats to water fountains, we have tons of ideas on how to keep your pet cool for the summer.


One way that your pet will love cooling off this summer is through treats. Mud Bay has a wide array of options in our Frozen Treat section that are both dog and cat friendly. In addition to being super tasty, these treats are also beneficial for your pet! 

Boss Dog Frozen Yogurt

Boss Dog YogurtWhy Mud Bay Loves It: Boss Dog Frozen Yogurt makes two flavors that focus on human foods many pets love — Peanut Butter Banana and Cheddar and Bacon — and are made from 100% human grade and non-GMO ingredients. One of the most unique features of this treat is that Boss Dog removes the lactose from the Greek yogurt, making this an easy-to-digest option, especially with 3 billion probiotics per cup. Boss Dog Frozen Yogurt can be enjoyed by both dogs and cats, too.

Northwest Naturals Frozen Raw Meaty Bones & Necks

NW Naturals Raw Meaty BonesWhy Mud Bay Loves It: This Pacific Northwest, family-owned and operated company has a variety of raw meaty bones to choose from. These treats come frozen and are perfect to give your dog on a hot summer day while out enjoying the sun. Raw meaty bones are also a great option to help promote overall health. The natural enzymes from the bones can help fight plaque on teeth and the cartilage gives pets a natural collagen boost to support hip and joint health. And did you know that Northwest Naturals Chicken Necks can be enjoyed by cats? Don’t leave your feline out of the chewing fun.

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Dogs and cats don’t sweat like humans and although they are built to regulate their body temperature in alternative ways, it never hurts to help them stay cool in high temperatures. Mud Bay is happy to help by offering some new products built to keep your pet cool in the heat. 

The Green Pet Shop Cooling Pads

Cooling PadWhy Mud Bay Loves It: This pressure-activated cooling pad gives your pet up to three hours of cool comfort thanks to a non-toxic gel inside the pad, and it only takes about 15-20 minutes to “regenerate” once your pet leaves it. For the hottest of days, stick the pad in the fridge for a bit — a trick that’ll make these cooling effects last even longer. The foldable design makes this cooling pad compact for traveling ease and its unique outer shell is easy to clean. Pad sizes range from extra-small to extra-large, so pets of all sizes can benefit from this unique cooling pad.

Pioneer Pet Water Fountains 

Cat Water FountainWhy Mud Bay Loves It: Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to keep cool in the summer heat. These sleek drinking fountains are a great tool to help your cat (or small pup) stay hydrated during the hottest months of the year. Did you know that the continuous flow of water can actually encourage your pet to drink more water? Helping your pet stay hydrated is extremely important, especially cats who can experience a variety of health ailments when lacking water in their diet.


Summer days bring outdoor adventures and that means more time in the sun. The heat of the summer might be inevitable, but overheating doesn’t have to be. Stop by your local Mud Bay and check out this gear that will keep your pets cool while adventuring. 

Canada Pooch Cooling Bandana

Canada Pooch BandanaWhy Mud Bay Loves It: This functional bandana can help keep your pet cool while also maintaining a stylish look. Just get the bandana wet, tie around your pup’s neck, and the evaporating cooling effect is quickly activated. The cooling bandana can also be used for feline friends who venture outdoors.


Ruffwear Float Coat Life Jacket

Ruffwear FloatCoatWhy Mud Bay Loves It: Going for a swim is a great way to cool off in the heat. If your dog loves swimming, the Float Coat is a must. Life jackets are a vital tool for keeping your dog safe in the water and with the Float Coat’s new design, your dog can enjoy a long cooling swim with ease and comfortability. The Float Coat’s low-profile, buoyant materials give your dog floating support without the bulk, making this life jacket easy to run and play in, as well as swim. Check out this article for more information about why your dog needs a life jacket this summer. And if your cat is comfortable in the water, these jackets are absolutely feline friendly.

Keeping your pet cool for the summer has never been easier with these tasty treats and cool products. These solutions can all be found at your local Mud Bay. Don’t forget — Mud Bay has a 100% guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you’re always welcome to bring it back. 

Don’t let a little heat keep you and your pet inside this summer, stop by Mud Bay to get set up for a successful summer season.

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I’m Jenn, Mud Bay’s Senior Community Outreach Coordinator in Washington and human counterpart to my Siberian Husky, Ellie. My Mud Bay and pet parenting journey started simultaneously, and for nearly five years, Ellie and I have been adventuring around the PNW while working for Mud Bay. We’re excited to guide you through Mud Bay’s Adventure Series to get you and your pet ready for summer with tips and tricks for outdoor activities!

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