For Veterinarians

We’re delighted to offer you free digital copies of Mud Bay literature that you can print and share with clients. Mud Bay will also mail copies of the following handouts directly to your practice if you request them here. We only ask that you use them without altering them. Thank you!


Literature for Dog and Cat Owners

Cats Thrive When They Eat Their Water

This pamphlet explains why cats are often chronically dehydrated and can benefit from eating more moisture-rich foods.

A Checklist for Traveling with a Dog or Cat

This literature provides a list of essentials dog and cat owners may need when traveling with their pet. Includes discussion of health certificates and IDs.

Dogs Need to Chew: Chewing Basics

This pamphlet explains how you can choose a safer bone or chew for your dog that will prevent common chewing hazards. It also explains how to determine the chewing preferences of your dog and how to pair that preference with the right chew.

For Healthy and Happy Indoor Cats

Learn about the territory and play needs of indoor cats, as well as how to introduce new cats into a home with existing cats. This pamphlet also discusses how to transition an outdoor cat into an indoor cat, as well as what to do when an indoor cat gets lost.

How Does Your Pup Play?

This handout explains five common ways of playing, as well as what to do when your dog is regularly destroying their toys.

How to Brush a Dog's or Cat's Teeth

This pamphlet explains how to acclimate your dog or cat to regular toothbrushing as part of an overall dental routine.

How to Choose a Healthy Cat Litter

Learn how to choose between different litter types depending on specific preferences and needs. This handout also explains how to spot when your cat isn’t happy with their existing litter.

How We Choose Dog and Cat Foods

Find out what questions and values Mud Bay uses to choose the dog and cats foods that we stock on our shelves.

Introduction to Raw Food

This pamphlet discusses the benefits of raw foods, safe raw food handling, and how to incorporate raw food as a portion of an existing diet.

Seven Steps in Safely Handling Raw Pet Food

Read the seven steps necessary to keep everyone in your household safe when handling raw food. This handout also explains the risks of feeding raw food to a dog or cat.

A Short Guide to a Stress-free 4th of July

This handout explains how to plan for the July 4th holiday to minimize the impact on anxious dogs and cats who are bothered by fireworks and other changes in routine.

A Short Guide to Adding Variety to Your Dog or Cat's Diet

Learn how to embrace nutritional variety by adding different food forms, proteins, and supplemental foods to your dog or cat’s diet. This handout explains three different ways for a pet owner to increase the variety of their pet’s diet.

A Short Guide to Calmatives

Explains the purpose of calmatives, as well as what types of calmatives are appropriate for different situations. This handout also explains how to use anti-anxiety clothing and distractions to further minimize temporary stress.

A Short Guide to Essential Fatty Acids

Learn about the benefits of adding essential fatty acids, such as omega-3, to your dog or cat’s diet. This pamphlet also explains the different ways to add essential fatty acids to any type of diet.

Short Guide to Healthy Food for Cats

Find out why cats can be particular about their food, as well as the types of foods that cats benefit from eating. This handout also explains the cat’s preferred daily cycle of hunting, eating, grooming and sleeping.

Short Guide to Healthy Food for Dogs

Learn how to choose the best dog food for your individual dog. This handout explains the different factors that help determine what food would best support your dog’s health, as well as other factors to consider before purchasing food.

Literature for Veterinarians

Dog Foods with Grain at Mud Bay

An up-to-date list of grain-inclusive foods stocked at Mud Bay stores. Divided by food form and brand, so you can easily find an appropriate choice for an individual pet.

How Mud Bay Chooses the Dog and Cat Foods We Stock

Learn about the nutrition, ingredient, safety and manufacturing standards that Mud Bay requires every food manufacturer to meet before we agree to stock their products.

Thumbnail of Pamphlet
Thumbnail of Pamphlet

What Mud Bay Is Doing About the DCM FDA Report

Find out about Mud Bay’s actions surrounding the DCM report from the FDA, and why we’re encouraging veterinarians to report any verified cases of DCM to the FDA.

Who Is Mud Bay?

Learn about three of the most important principles of Mud Bay’s business: investing in education, partnering with manufacturers, and contributing to animal welfare.