Mud Bay offers home delivery in Thurston Co., WA as well as Portland and Bend, OR

Our Manufacturing Partners

Mud Bay thrives on building relationships. Whether we’re collaborating with the owners of cats and dogs, other Muddies or animal welfare organizations, we work to create relationships that work for everyone. We bring that same ethos to establishing relationships with our manufacturing partners. To have successful relationships, Mud Bay only chooses manufacturing partners that share similar values. Every manufacturer must have complementary approaches to nutrition, sourcing, sustainability, animal welfare and transparency. We know that finding the right people to partner with allows us to fulfill our mission of contributing to the health of dogs and cats while bringing happiness to those who care for them.

The process of beginning a partnership takes months and sometimes years before products begin showing up in our stores. But when we finally decide to stock a product, we’re confident it meets a unique need and is among the best possible solutions for dogs or cats. To prove their willingness to be transparent about their business, prospective manufacturing partners are asked to provide specific information about their products, as well as answer a series of detailed questions about their approach to business and production. We may not be able to ask every possible question about every business, but we ensure that we understand how key decision makers approach their work. Ultimately, we want to know that manufacturers will prioritize the health of dogs and cats above all else. Visiting manufacturing partners is also a big part of the decision-making process. We’ve traveled to nearby Seattle and all the way to New Zealand to meet the people building, mixing and creating items for us. Muddies have visited over 50 companies over the years, and we are working toward visiting all the food and treat manufacturers we partner with.

In return, Mud Bay works to be transparent about all our decisions that affect our manufacturing partners. We’re always willing to discuss how we can work together to provide the best solutions for dogs, cats and their owners. Our everyday fair pricing strategy benefits our manufacturing partners, who don’t have to spend time and resources on promotions and advertising their brand in Mud Bay stores. Mud Bay invests in educating Muddies about all the different brands and solutions in our stores, which our manufacturing partners appreciate as it is fundamental to growing sales.

Mud Bay truly values the relationships we’ve built over the years. There are many incredible people behind every product we stock, and we’re happy to feature the results of their hard work in our stores. We invite you to learn more about our trusted partners through the manufacturer profiles.