Diamond Pet Foods

Focuses on Offering a Quality Food at a Low Price, Not Advertising

As a pet food company that’s been in business since 1970, Diamond knows that the key to longevity is making a high-quality food at a reasonable price. By limiting the budget they spend on marketing and sales, Diamond can keep costs down without sacrificing quality. However, Diamond is never afraid to invest in their production facilities, which creates better jobs for their employees while reducing the overall cost to produce a premium dog food.

Partner Stats

  • Date Visited: : June, 2013
  • Company Location: : Home Office in Meta, Missouri with production facilities in Ripon, CA; Lathrop: CA; Meta, MO, Gaston, SC; and Dumas, AR


Duct work at a Diamond manufacturing plant
An overhead view of a Diamond manufacturing plant

Invests in Quality and Safety Processes to Ensure Safe Food

Many pet food manufacturers develop unique processes and systems to ensure superior food safety. Diamond is one manufacturer that continuously reinvests in their safety programs and has some of the best safety practices that Mud Bay has seen. Diamond’s superior safety program didn’t happen overnight. Recalls in 2005 and 2013 were a call to action and transformed them into an industry leader in food safety. Today, all Diamond manufacturing facilities conduct onsite testing of all incoming ingredients, hi-tech water purification systems, air filtration systems, third-party food testing, a 100% test-and-hold policy, as well as third-party safety certifications on its plant sanitation processes.

Trusted Partners for Over Twenty Years

When building partnerships, Mud Bay looks for partners who are honest, transparent and make principled long-term decisions. Second generation owners Mike and John Kampeter grew up in the pet food manufacturing business and are involved in the day-to-day business of Diamond Pet Foods. Over the last twenty years, we have seen them make important decisions that have benefited consumers, dogs and cats, and the health of independent pet retailers in the United States.