The Brewmaster’s Bakery

Bakes Dog Biscuits Made from Spent Grain Sourced from Local Breweries

Marley Rall started making spent grain biscuits as a way to use the grain left over from her husband and brother-in-law’s homebrewing. After several years of perfecting different recipes, Marley launched her official bakery in 2015. We love the fact that spent grain is higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates than grain that hasn’t been part of the brewing process, and the fact that Marley uses grain that would otherwise be discarded after being used to brew beer. The Brewmaster’s Bakery currently sources spent grain from local breweries in the Seattle area.

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Commits to Using Local Ingredients Whenever Possible

Marley sources spent grain from local Washington breweries, but most of her other dog biscuit ingredients also come from Washington state. She uses CB’s peanut butter which is made in Washington state and contains only peanuts. She’s also proud of the fact that every egg used in the Brewmaster’s Bakery biscuits is less than a week old and comes from the free-range chickens she raises herself.

Named After a Member of The Rall Pack and a Washington Landmark

When developing treats for Mud Bay, Marley had a special request. She wanted one of The Rall Pack—her family’s group of dogs–be featured on the label. She suggested Baker, the alpha of The Rall Pack who had recently passed, who was also named after Mount Baker. We loved the idea of marrying what was personal to Marley and the rest of the Rall family with a notable Washington landmark and Baker’s Mountain Dog Treats was born.

Mud Bay Baker's Mountain dog biscuit packaging art showing the namesake labrador, Baker
Two hands holding brewer's spent grain
A selection of bread made from brewer's spent grain

Donates a Portion of the Proceeds to Summit Assistance Dogs

Marley donates a portion of every bag of biscuits sold to Summit Assistance Dogs out of Anacortes, Washington – a non-profit she had worked with for years. They are an organization that develops and places service dogs. The Brewmaster’s funds support a program at the Monroe Correctional Facility. This program places service dogs in training into the facility with inmates. The dogs aren’t the only ones that benefit from this relationship, the inmates do as well. Inmates must work with others and stay in good standing to qualify for the program. They also learn very important traits, such as empathy through the program.