The Honest Kitchen

Increases Nutrient Bioavailability Through a High-Quality Dehydrated Food

Lucy Postins has a degree in animal science, so she knows the importance of developing formulas that offer vitamins and minerals from natural sources. The meals The Honest Kitchen developed don’t use high heat to process ingredients like many other cooked foods. Instead, the dehydrated process retains more of the nutrients in a bioavailable form and allows the food to be rehydrated before feeding it to your dog or cat.

Partner Stats

  • Last Date Visited : August 2016 (manufacturing plant), December 2017 (Home Office)
  • Company Location : San Diego, CA


Creates Human-Grade Dog Food in a Human Food Manufacturing Facility

Lucy started The Honest Kitchen after she started making raw food in her kitchen for her own dog but wanted to cut down on the mess it created. But when she decided to start dehydrating food, it was important to her that she used human-grade food that was created in a human-food facility. In order to use the word human-grade on packaging, Lucy had to successfully demonstrate to the FDA through affidavits that all her ingredient suppliers were selling her the same food they sold to human-food companies.

Sources Only Organic, Gluten-free and Non-GMO Ingredients

To meet their human-grade commitment, The Honest Kitchen requires significant documentation and testing for all ingredients. Their monitoring and auditing program also requires that food safety standards are made at the highest possible level. In addition to commitment to ingredient quality, they’re also committed to the social welfare of the employees that work with any one of their many suppliers. Again, they require signed statements ensuring that their standards are met and maintained.

The Honest Kitchen founder Lucy Postins sitting with her dog in front of dog and cat art at her home office.