Wee Kitty

Devises Products that Fill Gaps in the Pet Care Industry

Anneke van den Broek started Rufus & Coco in 2008 because she wanted to create a company that created products that met unrealized needs of pet owners. Based in Australia, Rufus & Coco were proud to receive 2013’s Best New Product and Best Product Innovation for developing Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Litter from The Australian Business Awards.

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Created a Clumping, Pelleted Corn Litter

For cat owners with declawed or heavy cats, pelleted litter is usually preferred. But it can be difficult to find a pelleted litter that also clumps, which is why Rufus & Coco’s Wee Kitty appeals to cat owners. This pelleted litter is actually able to clump securely, making it easier to scoop the litter box. It can also absorb four times its weight in liquid. And just like most plant-based litters, Wee Kitty is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Made from Ethically Sourced Ingredients

The only facility Anneke could find to manufacture Wee Kitty to her exact specifications was located in China. To make sure that the product was safely and sustainably produced, Rufus & Coco made the commitment to use ethically-sourced, food-grade corn found in China. By using corn grown in China, Rufus & Coco were also able to reduce the environmental impact of the litter even further. Rufus & Coco also visit the factory at least twice a year and randomly test batches of litter at a third-party laboratory to make sure it meets their specifications.

Dries the Litter to Make a Better Product

After the litter is made, the facility that makes Wee Kitty uses microwave technology to heat and dry the litter from the inside out. This extra step removes most of the humidity in the litter, while killing any germs and bugs that might be in the corn, and makes a better, more consistent product. Finally, it also reduces the risk of aflatoxins caused by mold, which can develop in some plant-based products.

A montage of Wee Kitty factory photos