Wet Noses

Sources Ingredients Locally and in the United States from Human-Grade Food Suppliers

Jazz prioritizes sourcing her products locally. Beef comes from grass-fed cows raised in Washington and Oregon. Chickens and turkeys are free-range birds raised in Washington. No animal is raised with hormones, and all products are non-GMO certified. Except for the cinnamon, coconut and banana puree found in some of their products, every ingredient is produced in the United States. And Jazz always asks for Certificates of Authenticity, non-GMO certificates, and when applicable, organic certificates to make sure that she knows the origin of every ingredient.

Partner Stats

  • Last Date Visited : September, 2018
  • Company Location : Monroe, WA


Invests in Third Party Lab Testing for All Products

Many companies ship their products to stores the moment they’re packaged. But Wet Noses takes the extra step of sending samples of each batch to a third-party lab for testing. The company waits an extra five to seven days to make sure that every product is perfectly safe to ship to Mud Bay stores and other businesses. Wet Noses has a completely transparent manufacturing process; when we tour their facilities, they encourage us to take photos and videos and ask plenty of questions.

A pile of Mud Bay branded biscuits

Growing Our Businesses Together

Since 1999, Mud Bay has carried Wet Noses biscuits. And shortly after those biscuits arrived in stores, we asked them to start making our own Mud Bay bulk biscuits. Back then, Mud Bay was a single store in Olympia, and Jazz was still baking biscuits in her garage. Over the years, we’ve worked together to grow responsibly. Wet Noses has expanded five times since they opened their first commercial facility in 2005, and we’re proud to offer the biscuits and foods they make in Monroe.

Responds Quickly to Meet the Needs of Our Customers

After working with Wet Noses for over twenty years, we know that they’re willing to help us create unique products for our customers. When we want to develop new biscuits or have another need, Wet Noses can talk to us on Monday and have a prototype available on Friday. That type of responsiveness is invaluable, and we are happy to have a strong relationship with Wet Noses’ leaders.