Wild Coast Raw

Made in True Small Batch Recipes That Are Packed Every Day

Tyler Duncan and his team weigh, grind, measure and pack only what they can process in a single day. The team also alternates between dog and cat food on different days of the week. The result is carefully crafted small batch recipes of less than 500 pounds each day. Tyler emphasizes that he believes this is the safest way to create pet food, and it allows him to fully clean and sanitize all the machinery he uses every day.

Partner Stats

  • Date Last Visited: : October 2019
  • Company Location: : Olympia, Washington


Three men from Wild Coast Raw

Runs a True Commercial Kitchen to Make Food for Dogs and Cats

Wild Coast Raw’s manufacturing facility is immediately recognizable to anyone who’s worked in a commercial kitchen or restaurant. Everyone on the team has worked in a kitchen at some time in their career, and they’ve replicated the same level of cleanliness and attention to detail in their kitchen and food preparation tactics.

Makes a Raw Cat Food That Appeals to Selective Cats

Cats who weren’t exposed to raw food as kittens are often particular when choosing to eat raw food. While no one can guarantee that a specific cat will like Wild Coast Raw, we’ve noticed a lot of factors that make this food uniquely palatable to a wide variety of cats. Each food uses a large amount of internal organs, including hearts, liver, and kidneys, which produces a raw food with plenty of iron-rich blood to appeal to these small obligate carnivores. Tyler also carefully chose to create a texture that is unique among raw cat foods—and is appealing to many cats.

Uses Free-Range and Pasture-Fed Single-Protein Sources

When choosing different protein sources, Tyler carefully looks for humanely raised animals. That means purchasing free-range chicken and turkey, as well as pasture-fed beef. He’s also careful to create single-protein recipes, so dogs and cats with protein sensitivities can avoid triggering foods.

Uses Calcium Carbonate, Not Bone, in Raw Cat Food Recipes

Wild Coast Raw uses calcium carbonate, not bone, to add calcium to their raw cat foods, which appeals to many felines and their owners. Ground bone can be unappetizing to certain cats and their owners, and some owners note that their cats’ digestive systems work better without the bulk added from the additional bone. For cats with kidney disease, avoiding a lot of phosphorus-rich ground bone is important. Calcium carbonate is a purer source of calcium, which makes it a better calcium source for cats with kidney problems.


Man packing raw food into containers
Turkey leg, heart, liver and kidney

Rotates Between Seasonal Proteins and Organic Vegetables for Raw Dog Food Recipes

When Tyler first conceived of Wild Coast Raw, he envisioned rotating through different proteins that would appeal to dogs. Now, dog owners can choose between two different recipes every quarter that are made with seasonal organic vegetables and a single protein source. It’s one easy way for dog owners to add more variety into their dog’s diet, while allowing Wild Coast Raw to maintain their commitment to small-batch dog foods.