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At-Risk & Senior Hours, Handwashing, Face Masks, Pets in Stores & More

Mud Bay News |  March 20, 2020

(Updated May 21, 2020) Seeing you and your pets are the best parts of our workday. But with the coronavirus spreading throughout the PNW, it’s important to recognize that even people without COVID-19 symptoms could be sick.

That’s why, although pet supply stores are considered essential businesses under official state guidelines, we’re following social distancing guidelines in Mud Bay stores. Everyone working in our stores is also wearing a face mask. We hope these extra steps will help our customers and Muddies stay safe if you need dog or cat food during Washington or Oregon’s stay-at-home orders.

Tips for Visiting Us in Stores:

  • Be sure you’re feeling well. If you’re not, please call your local store and place an order for curbside pickup. We’ll bring the order right to your car, and you can browse for the things you normally buy using our online catalog.
  • Use our senior and at-risk shopping hours (the first half-hour of every day) if you belong to these groups. With fewer people in the store, you’ll be at less risk and have more Muddies to help answer questions.
  • Look for the blue tape on the floor to see how far apart we should stand when talking or checking out. Our tables are six-feet long, so standing corner-to-corner also works.
  • Keep a six-foot distance from other customers, too, especially when waiting in line.
  • Wash your hands before coming into our stores. Every store has a handwashing station by the entrance for your use. By taking a minute to wash your hands, we can further minimize the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Keep in mind that our face masks are used in addition to general social distancing. Muddies in stores are wearing face masks, but it’s just an additional step recommended by the CDC—not a replacement for social distancing.
  • We’re still welcoming leashed pets in our stores. We won’t be able to hand your dog a treat or give your cat an ear rub, but customers can bring in their pets while following social distancing guidelines.
  • Don’t worry about signing your credit card receipt when you shop with us.
  • Please be patient if you have to wait before entering the store: We’re limiting the number of people who can shop at once, but a Muddy will let you know if we’ve reached our limit.
  • Lead the way to your vehicle when we do carryouts, and open your trunk or door. Once you step aside, we’ll load your purchases into the vehicle for you.

Tips for Using Curbside Pickup:

  • Feel free to use curbside pickup whenever it’s convenient, but please, always use curbside pickup when you’re feeling unwell. Just browse our catalog to place an order online or place an order by calling 888-426-8339.
  • Wait for a confirmation email or phone call that your order is ready. Most orders are ready within two hours. If you order outside of business hours, your order should be ready approximately one hour after the store opens.
  • Call when you arrive at our store so we know you’re there. Then, wait for us to arrive at your car with your order.

Tips for Using Thurston County Delivery:

  • Make sure you live in one of our seven lucky Thurston County zip codes (98501, 98502, 98503, 98506, 98512, 98513, & 98516)
  • Place an order for delivery online or call us at 888-426-8339 to speak to a Muddy.
  • Watch for the email letting you know your order is on its way. We deliver Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. When you place an order, we will deliver it the next business day.
  • Retrieve your delivery when it arrives on your doorstep. We’re practicing contactless delivery, so unless we get special directions from you when you place your order, we’ll be placing your packages outside your door.

Mud Bay hopes these simple steps will limit the spread of coronavirus. We’re sad we’ll need to keep our distance for a while, but it’s what we have to do to keep everyone in our community safe.

We remember. We honor. We thank you! Have a health We remember. We honor. We thank you! Have a healthy and safe Memorial Day. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
We are open, but will be closing early for Memorial Day. All stores will close at 6pm today, and will reopen Tuesday at 10am.
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