2020 Tons of Love Program Gives Over $167,000 to Animal Welfare Organizations


Shelter Partners |  November 25, 2020

Thank You

Our 2020 Tons of Love program had a record-breaking year and raised $167,289 to be distributed among 69 local animal shelters and nonprofits throughout the Pacific Northwest.

We want to thank every one of our customers for this achievement. We’re honored by the hundreds of people who donated to our Washington and Oregon stores’ Giving Trees or bought items from this year’s Tons of Love participants. Total Giving Tree contributions this year was worth over $107,000!

We’d also like to thank the manufacturing partners who participated in Tons of Love this year. This year’s participants were Fromm Family Foods, Petcurean Go & Now, Farm Fresh Pet Foods, Instinct, Nulo Pet Food, Earth Animal, Cycle Dog, and Mud Bay’s Palouse Kitty. They donated the equivalent of over $39,000 worth of food, litter, cash and supplies. Mud Bay also donated $20,000 to Tons of Love this year.


Every year, the Mud Bay community bands together to shower PNW animal welfare organizations with food, toy and cash donations as part of our Tons of Love holiday giving program.

Tons of Love includes our wonderful customers, who make donations through our in-store Giving Trees. Each year, Muddies are awed by the generosity of the people who visit our stores. Many customers return year after year to support their local animal welfare organizations by buying specific items that each organization needs.

Several Mud Bay manufacturers also partner with us every year to donate food, supplies and money to different animal shelters in need. This year, we’d like to recognize the following manufacturing partners who are participating in our Tons of Love program:

Mud Bay also contributes to our yearly holiday giving program. For 2020 Tons of Love, Mud Bay is giving $20,000 to be distributed among our animal welfare organizations that are our giving tree partners.

Thank you to everyone who is able to share the joy of the holiday season by giving Tons of Love to their local animal welfare organization. We appreciate your generosity to our PNW community.

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CONGRATULATIONS on your retirement Sue! We just want to say thank you for your knowledge, passion for animals, and dedication to customers for over 20 years. Enjoy the many adventures to come. Cheers!

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Dalmatian puppies are born with a plain white coat! After about 2 weeks, you'll notice spots slowly appear.
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