Partnering with Our Local Communities

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Connections Within the Community

When we open a new Mud Bay, we strive to become a part of the neighborhood that surrounds the store. We work on making connections within the community through our store managers, who partner with different organizations to hold events at individual stores.

Depending on the needs of the area, local Mud Bays may work with a local youth organizations, elementary school or neighborhood association on a specific project or event.

Consistently Reinforcing Our Ties to the PNW

As a Pacific-Northwest company, Mud Bay also works through our community outreach team to support organizations interested in the betterment of Washington and Oregon neighborhoods. Mud Bay attends many events celebrating the culture, food and landmarks of the Pacific Northwest.

Muddy embracing a large fluffy white dog at an event

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Supporting Causes Beyond Animal Welfare

We’re also working to support the organizations and causes that many Muddies and customers already love. Mud Bay marches at Pride events and donates to domestic violence shelters and veteran’s organizations. Healthy communities need business support to remain strong, and Mud Bay works to support causes that are congruent with our company’s values.

Embracing Local Architecture

Mud Bay stores are also built to fit in within the community whenever possible. We’ve renovated historic buildings, painted murals and worked to create stores whose exteriors match the surrounding area. With every building choice that our store development team makes, we’re carefully considering how opening a store will impact the overall character of the community.

Glisen Street mural of cats and dogs