Big Creek Foods

Transfers Their Expertise from the Human Food World to Creating Dog and Cat Treats

While they were growing up, Tommy and Jeff Gay learned all about the food industry from being part of their family’s catfish business for thirty years. They founded Big Creek Foods in 2013 when they decided to take their food industry expertise and create dog and cat treats. So, when we looked for a partner to help us create Mud Bay’s first line of jerky dog treats, we were drawn to their experience in the human food world.

Partner Stats

  • Date Visited: : September 2017
  • Company Location: : Gainesville, Georgia


The front of the Big Creek Foods plant

Emphasizes Quality Smokehouse Flavoring and Careful Formulations

Every jerky treat is smoked for eight hours over natural beech wood to create a tender, flavorful jerky made from ingredients produced in the United States. Instead of adding a preservative to make sure the jerky stays pliable; Big Creek adds a hint of molasses to make sure that the jerky stays chewy and doesn’t become too stiff.

Makes Treats Using the Same Processes Used to Make Human Snack Food

Big Creek Foods created a facility that uses the same techniques used to create human snack food to make treats for pets. They manufacture their treats in a SQF Level 2, GFSI-certified facility and produce them under strict FDA human food safety guidelines. Big Creek also regularly audits suppliers to ensure that the ingredients produced, processed and delivered to them follow food safety standards. All their packaging is also safe for packaging human food, and Big Creek keeps those certifications on file.

The leadership team at Big Creed Foods with their dogs

Believes in the Continued Education of Dog and Cat Owners

Tommy Gay believes that retailers need to explain the complex nutritional needs for their pets, so dog and cat owners can make educated decisions about what their pets should eat. Big Creek has formed a team of people who know a lot about pet treats, and they encourage their retailers to do the same. This shared philosophy around the importance of education was one of the reasons that we were excited to partner with Big Creek.