CB’s Nuts

Makes No-Stir Mud Bay Peanut Butter with Only Peanuts

Most peanut butter brands use palm oil or other additives to make sure that their peanut butter doesn’t separate while it sits on the shelf. But CB’s Nuts uses a different manufacturing process to make their peanut butter. Instead of grinding blanched peanuts like other manufacturers, CB’s Nuts barrel-roasts each batch of nuts. Then they grind the roasted nuts to a consistency CB’s calls “creamunchy,” which helps limit the oil separation you often see in nuts-only natural peanut butters.

Uses Organic Peanuts from Lubbock, Texas

Founders Clark and Tami Bowen commit to only using USA-grown nuts. To make Mud Bay peanut butter, they source their nuts from an organic farm in Lubbock, Texas, that they visit every year during October’s harvest. CB’s uses a hybrid peanut plant that produces a slightly larger nut and larger yield to keep the cost of the resulting product affordable.

Made in the Pacific Northwest in Antique Barrel Roasters

Clark says that his antique barrel roasters, combined with a small batch size of only 2,000 pounds at a time, ensure an even roast that takes into account every batch of nuts individually. This method of roasting is unique in an industry that often relies on a conveyor roaster using preset settings, which Clark contends yields an uneven roast.