Green Juju

Formulates a Product Packed with Anti-Oxidants and Anti-Inflammatories to Support the Immune System

Kelley Marian started Green Juju when her dog Bailey was diagnosed with a rare joint cancer. She wanted to feed Bailey something that would help her immune system stay healthy, so she worked with a canine nutritionist to create a mixture of eight herbs and vegetables, along with coconut oil and grass-fed hormone-free bison bone broth. Green Juju may aid dogs with allergies, cancer, digestive issues or chronic conditions that tax the immune system. It’s also a way to add extra joint-healthy collagen and gelatin into the diet, as well as herbs with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that protect collagen from free-radicals.

Partner Stats

  • Date Visited: : June 2016
  • Company Location: : Seattle, WA


Packs Green Juju in a Raw Dog Facility in Portland, Oregon

Green Juju may have been launched in Ballard, Washington from a 200-square-foot facility, but the company has expanded over the years, outgrowing their small space and their ability to make personal deliveries to Seattle-area stores. Now they’ve partnered with a trusted co-packer just outside of Portland, Oregon who can handle the increased demand for Green Juju products.

Processes Vegetables and Herbs to Make Them Highly Digestible

Dogs can’t fully digest most vegetables and herbs in their whole form, so Kelley uses an unusual processing method so that dogs can benefit from the anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants found within. When making Green Juju, she juices the vegetables and herbs and then reincorporates the fiber back into the finished product. This step gives dogs the best possible chance of digesting the plant matter without altering the nutrients through cooking.

Kelly Martin in a field of kale holding a freshly harvested bunch
A truckload of green vegetables arriving at Green Juju, and a container of Green Juju help up in front of a Mud Bay store.

Sources Ingredients Locally from Organic Farmers

Kelley works to source all her green ingredients from local organic farms, and she buys her antibiotic and hormone-free bison bones and organic coconut oil from trusted sources. This careful sourcing not only allows Kelley to confidently say that her product is organic and hormone-free but also supports local community farms.

Kelly Marian with her two dogs
A photo montage of the ingredients used to make Green Juuju