Cleans Water Before Delivering it to Local Aquifer

Food manufacturing can use a lot of water, but Redbarn is one of the few manufacturers who treat the water they use at their own plant. Their Kansas manufacturing facility makes sure that the water is cleaned before releasing to recharge a local aquifer. This commitment to cleaning the water used in their production processes is just one of the ways Redbarn demonstrates their commitment to reducing the impact of manufacturing on the local environment.

Partner Stats

  • Last Date Visited : September, 2017
  • Company Location : Home office and manufacturing facility Great Bend, KS: Additional manufacturing facility in Paraguay


Sources High-Quality Bully Sticks from Beef Farmers in Paraguay

South America is known for some of the highest quality beef in the world, so when Jeff and Howie decided to expand their bully stick business, they purchased a manufacturing facility in Paraguay. By having a plant in Paraguay, Redbarn can do business directly with farmers in the area and process bullies using quality control that meets U.S. standards. They then ship the processed bullies to their plant in Kansas, where they’re able to cut and package the treats. To top it off, Jeff and Howie visit the Paraguayan plant four times a year, including a treasured trip in December to celebrate the holidays with their staff.

Controls Quality Through Third-Party Testing and Working with Food Safety Organizations

When Mud Bay visited Redbarn’s manufacturing facility in 2017, we were impressed with their dedication to third-party testing, as well as in-house nutritional, environmental and pathogen testing. Whether the product is in Paraguay or Kansas, Redbarn institutes the same level of product testing. Their plant in Paraguay is also certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative for their food management safety plan. Redbarn also internally tracks all raw materials in their facility and requires a Certificate of Analysis for all raw materials.

An old red painted barn, symbol of Red Barn

Partners with Mud Bay to Release Our Mud Bay Branded Bully Sticks

Mud Bay partnered with Redbarn because we knew their values aligned closely with our own and they could reliably provide us with the stock we needed. As a privately-owned company still run by two childhood friends, Jeff Baikie and Howie Bloxam, we felt that Redbarn would work to create a business built on quality and values that wouldn’t be strictly profit driven. We also knew that we’d be able to consistently offer a quality product to our customers because Redbarn has complete control over their sourcing and manufacturing.