Dog playing with toys indoors

The Great Indoors

Winter can be long in the PNW, and it’s important to make sure your pet is getting enough exercise and stimulation. Puzzle and enrichment toys, along side low-calorie food or treats can help.

Exercise & Engage Your Pet Indoors

What to Fill Your Toys With

dogs being fed a treat by a human hand

Low-Calorie Training Treats

Keep the rewards coming without worrying about their weight.

For Cats

For Dogs

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Minimally Processed Bite Sized Foods

Full of nutrients and fits in most puzzles and interactive toys.

For Cats

For Dogs

Cat playing with interactive treat toy

Dry Food As Training Treats

In addition to reaching for treats, use food to fill puzzles and toys.

For Cats

For Dogs

Toys that Don't Involve Food

cat being weighed at vet office
person feeding food to their cat
dog waiting for food bowl to be filled
dog using interactive treat toy